Analyze stocks in seconds thoroughly

Beat performance of the market

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Saves hours of research

Warren Buffett's method of analysis automated

Years of financial knowledge in a compact analysis

45 Key figures from the balance sheet and income statement over a 10-year period


  • Find undervalued stocks in seconds
  • Based on balance sheet ratios of the last 10 years
  • Insightful visualizations
  • No more transferring spreadsheets and save hours
Improve your performance

Whether you invest in cars from Germany, internet giants from America, oil from Russia or energy companies from China, we have already analyzed these companies for you.

With Finvaley, you have a comprehensive algorithm available 24/7 to help you: Perfect your investment strategy.

In order to be able to go your own way in the financial world, independence and transparency are crucial. That's why we offer our stock analysis software, a tool that allows you to Investment decisions quickly and easily to enhance.

Simplify your stock picking

The less time and energy you have to put into thinking about the "right" stock, the more of it you have left to pursue your dreams.

That's why, with Finvaley, we make stock analysis easy for everyone. With our solutions you can easily query all data, information and analyzes at any time and make well-founded decisions - for more efficiency.

The competent team is always at your side with advice and action if you have any questions.

Make yourself independent

With our comprehensive financial analysis tool, you are no longer dependent on your bank or financial advisor and can pursue your own investment strategy. You no longer have to trust the skills of others and buy products over which you have no control.

Finvaley makes you your own financial expert, your own financial expert.
This is how you make independent, well-founded investment decisions by knowing all the alternatives. Because the analysis according to the value investment standard always gives you the perfect overview.



David Bader graduated from HTL Ried im Innkreis and founded Stockanalyzer GmbH in November 2017 at the age of only 20.

When he began dealing with stocks and company valuations, all the banks could only give him information about their own products. There was also no stock analysis tool that could give independence from the banks or investment advisors. That is why David Bader started to develop his own software according to these criteria. Eventually, his initial Excel spreadsheet was replaced by a compact, easy-to-understand program – Finvaley.

Due to his enthusiasm for backpacking all over the world, he is used to looking for solutions instead of failing at problems.


Alexander Eckmaier


With an MSc in business informatics and thus a broad technological and economic background, Alexander Eckmaier was exactly the one who was missing for the professional implementation of Finvaley. In 2018 he joined the team.

Alexander has always been interested in technical challenges and products with meaning. After many demanding projects in different areas, he now wants to make it big and popular together with David Finvaley.

Due to his independent way of working, he is also used to discovering and finding innovative ways to solve everyday problems.




LeadGen makes Finvaley a reality. From the ideas of Alexander and David, they create the platform of the digital tendering revolution.




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