Finvaley True Valuation B2B API

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Smart Decisions

Simplify your insights for each stock: make smarter investment choices with our of trusted valuation methods and automated algorithms


Data Points

Years of Data

55000+ Stocks with tons of data

Our API supports over 55000 analyzed stocks across multiple exchanges.

We cover the complete U.S.
market as well as XETRA, EURONEX, TSX, SEDAR, SEHK and more.

Easy to Integrate

Our Stock Analyzer API offers a seamless and intuitive HTTP interface, ensuring ease of integration with any system. Whether you’re working with custom software or third-party applications, our API enables direct integration of our automated stock analysis processes into your workflow. Additionally, leverage our suite of ready-to-use tools and applications, including plugins and desktop apps, to enhance your stock analysis experience.

Get stock analysis automatically in seconds with one API call

You can slash analyzing time without any unnecessary complexity!


All threads converge in the Finvaley analysis


Evaluating historical performance for long-term growth potential.


Comparative analysis within the industry to gauge performance against peers.


Applying Buffett’s principles: Assessing competitive advantage, management quality, and growth prospects.


We handle the collection and cleansing of pertinent data, allowing you to focus more on what matters: Building your client’s wealth and give better advice!

Financial Reports

Balance Sheets

Price/Earnings to Growth Ratio (PEG)

Dividend Yield

Market Indicators

Price-to-Earnings ratio (KGV)

and many others

Enterprise Benefits

Save time & costs by analyzing thousands of stock images swiftly using our API.

Scalability: The API allows you to quickly scale your analysis capabilities as needed to adapt to changing requirements.

White-labelling: Customize the interface to match your brand seamlessly within your software.

Uncover Hidden Gems: Identify overlooked stocks and emerging market trends, uncovering unique investment opportunities.

Real-time Data: Integrating the API gives you access to real- time data, aiding in making informed and up-to-date decisions.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Your success is our priority and we keep your goals at the forefront of our partnership.

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