#20 digital democracy or dictatorship?

At the beginning of April, Elon Musk once again caused a stir with a takeover bid for the microblogging service Twitter. But the takeover was already confirmed on April 25th. The richest man in the world paid around 44 billion US dollars for this. What happens to Twitter now? Will it be a liberation for free speech, a playground for controversial and toxic speech, or a tool for manipulation?

Some experts from politics and business have already commented on the takeover both positively and negatively on Twitter.

As Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, put it on his own account: Basically, I don't think anyone should own or run Twitter. It wants to be a protocol-level public good, not a corporation. However, Elon is the only solution I trust to solve the problem that it is a company. I trust its mission to expand the light of consciousness.

Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor and professor at Berkeley University, shares his concerns: "When billionaires like Elon Musk justify their motives with the term 'freedom', caution is advised."

US Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted: "This deal is dangerous for our democracy.

Roger Kay, an analyst at Endpoint Technologies, said: "Musk is essentially an autocrat. His form of libertarianism has a touch of right-wing politics.”

According to Rob Enderle, a US technology analyst, “It's like running around with scissors in hand. Poor impulse control and too much money are not a good combination.”

Of course, Elon Musk also receives a lot of encouragement and is celebrated by other Twitter users as an advocate of freedom of expression. RiskSmith CEO Richard Smith said: “You can't deny what Musk has achieved. I think he could probably change Twitter."

It's an uncertain future for Twitter and its users. Musk has successfully implemented his visionary goals several times despite resistance, but also a controversial leadership style. How and whether the frequently denounced censorship can be removed or changed by him is not foreseeable at this point in time. Only time and Elon Musk's actions will tell in which direction Twitter is developing.

Twitter was listed today (04/27/2022; 09:45) at EUR 46.1 and thus 3% below the closing price on 04/25. Analyzed on Twitter's fundamentals such as balance sheet and income statement, the stock is very expensive.

#18 Go Live!

The dream has come true! We're live!


After 2.5 years of development, we finally made it and launched our first product "Finvaley" on March 2nd. launched. After months of beta phase with over 600 testers, we can provide a market-ready service in the field of stock analysis!


We give every new customer 7 days free premium access. The first Finvaley subscription will then be available at the Earlybird price of EUR 7.90 instead of EUR 29.90!

This means: Unlimited use of all functions for all stocks in the database: analysis, comparison, portfolio, tracking


We help to make better, more rational and independent investment decisions on the stock market!


Have fun investing!

Your Finvaley team

#17 Have valuables protected!

And another step towards GoLive is done! The name "Finvaley" has been officially a registered EU trademark since January 8th, 2021! 


What is an EU trademark?

A Union trademark protects our brand throughout the European Union. The EUTM grants Us an exclusive right in all current and future EU Member States at a reasonable cost. We can protect Our Brand in a market of nearly 500 million consumers. A Union trademark (EUTM) is valid for ten years. It can be extended as often as you like, in each case by ten years. (Source:


So not only do we have a unique product, we also ensure that the Finvaley name remains unique! 

Only with us, with Finvaley, can you make investment decisions quickly, independently and independently!


Have fun creating

Your Finvaley team

#16 And the next new feature!

Last week we introduced you to the slider in the stock search,

Today we present you new possibilities in the portfolio!

You can easily search by country or industry using the search field. You can also filter by country or industry with a simple mouse click on the left-hand side. This gives you an even better overview and allows you to manage your portfolio even faster!

Test it here for free: Finvaley

Which feature would you like to see in Finvaley? Share it with us here: Give feedback!

have fun creating!
Your Finvaley team


#15 Even better! Even easier!

From now on you can refine your stock search even further!

You can no longer just choose between country, index and industry, but also include the overall rating.

With the slider in the stock search you can quickly and easily determine in which area the overall rating should be!


We're also working on sliders for the $1 requirement and margin of safety!

Which feature would you like to see in Finvaley? Share it with us here: Give feedback!

have fun creating
Your Finvaley team

#14 Welcome to the Next Level – the Pre-Launch

Finally the time has come!

Presenting Finvaley Pre-Launch!

You can log in here:

In the pre-launch you can use Finvaley free of charge and without restrictions! *

In order to be as well prepared as possible for the final start and to get any problems under control, we would like to ask you again for your feedback!

You have several options for this: It is best if you give us your feedback here: feedback sheet


If you have any problems, you can also contact us quickly via in-app chat or email. You can find the chat directly in the app at the bottom left. You are welcome to email at any time send!


Info: Due to fundamental changes and further developments, we had to reset your user data (portfolio, comparison, etc.). You now have a better app and more features at your disposal!

Have fun & success
Your Finvaley team

*Use of the software provided by Stockanalyzer GmbH is free of charge until further notice.

#13 StartUp enthusiast wanted

Hello dear community,

We at Stockanalyzer GmbH are looking for a programmer who wants to continue building Finvaley, our first product, with us.

Finvaley is about to go live! A stock analysis tool for individuals and institutions.


Your tasks are:

* Joint further development of Finvaley and possible future products

* Frontend development in React

* Backend development in Python

* Taking on specific sub-areas and actively contributing ideas

* optional: knowledge of WordPress


What we offer:

+ A share in our GmbH or a paid permanent position after the go-live and successful first phase

+ A cool and dynamic team

+ Flexible working hours

+ home office

+ Freedom to do what you do best


We look forward to hearing from you!
Your Finvaley team

#12 steady progress!

Eternal progress drives us humans. The meaning of our life is our constant further development, no matter how and in which area.

So Stockanalyzer is constantly evolving. The product maturity and the GoLive are getting closer and closer! Every day, hour after hour until late at night, we work on our product to make it great for you.

What have we done so far? More than 400 beta testers have already been able to experience the functionality of our system, the user-friendliness and the attractive user interface free of charge. Due to the high-quality and, above all, very positive feedback, this phase was a complete success for us!

After such a test phase, we naturally want to respond to the suggestions, ideas and wishes of our beta testers and future customers. We are currently in this phase. This means: solving bugs, installing new features, rights management, expanding the range of shares, improving performance, checking security aspects and testing testing testing.

We are working with the highest motivation on this final phase and look forward to being able to make stock analyzers available to you soon so that you can make even better investment decisions.

have fun creating
Your Finvaley team

#11 Buffett indicator sounds the alarm!

Buffett indicator sounds the alarm!


The indicator created by Warren Buffet sounds the alarm because it is currently pointing to dangerous highs. It takes the total market capitalization of US stocks and divides it by the US Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The indicator is even higher than it was at the time of the dot-com bubble in 2000. Only in 2018 was it temporarily higher than today, which was followed by the fall of the stock markets.


Especially in times of high phases, when euphoria gives way to reason, Stockanalyzer offers the perfect counterweight. With our analyzes based on data and facts, you resist the emotions of people and advertising, so that decisions can be made independently, transparently and independently.


Only a few weeks left and everyone can benefit from Stockanalyzer!


have fun creating
Your Finvaley team