Eternal progress drives us humans. The meaning of our life is our constant further development, no matter how and in which area.

So Stockanalyzer is constantly evolving. The product maturity and the GoLive are getting closer and closer! Every day, hour after hour until late at night, we work on our product to make it great for you.

What have we done so far? More than 400 beta testers have already been able to experience the functionality of our system, the user-friendliness and the attractive user interface free of charge. Due to the high-quality and, above all, very positive feedback, this phase was a complete success for us!

After such a test phase, we naturally want to respond to the suggestions, ideas and wishes of our beta testers and future customers. We are currently in this phase. This means: solving bugs, installing new features, rights management, expanding the range of shares, improving performance, checking security aspects and testing testing testing.

We are working with the highest motivation on this final phase and look forward to being able to make stock analyzers available to you soon so that you can make even better investment decisions.

have fun creating
Your Finvaley team