#10 Stockanalyzer is committed to social projects!


Not every member of a society is doing well. Becoming aware of this is an important first step in the right direction, namely to do something about it. Whether it is the integration of disabled people or refugees, a lack of financial means for better childcare or the unemployment and lack of training of young people - there are many social "construction sites" in our society.


On the one hand, we support the International Police Association (IPA) Verlagsgesellschaft mbH in the realization of a "Children's Traffic Coloring Book" to increase the safety of children on the road.

On the other hand, we participate in the purchase of a defibrillator for "promente OÖ". A facility that helps people with mental and social challenges - HELP instead of excluding!


Everyone can do something good!



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#9 Why not a classic savings account?

First you have to look at the actual situation of the average Otto consumer in the area of finance. You go to the bank, where you stash your hard-earned money in savings accounts and home savings accounts, some of which now even cost more than they bring in. Insurance companies lure with "super" offers and overpriced life insurance. If you want to venture into riskier territory, you are offered a fund where the fund manager's commission eats up the profits.

Stockanalyzer not only delivers raw data, we also analyze it according to value investing standards and compare companies with each other. This means that every customer can have their desired stock analyzed with Stockanalyzer and receive an assessment that measures the stock based on the ratio of the current price to the real value.

For the first time, as a stock investor, you get a factual, completely independent analysis of data from the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, etc. The big advantage of Stockanalyzer is that we don't talk customers into anything and thus bring in subjective effects. We provide our customers with a tool with which they can be informed objectively about the current status of various stocks and use this to derive investments independently and on their own responsibility.


By the way, we have expanded our browser support! We now support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.
If there is a problem with the browser of your choice, please contact us! We will find a solution!


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#8 Go Live

Go live in sight

We founded Stockanalyzer to make a dream come true. The dream of creating something great! Getting the creativity out of our heads and onto paper. We make an adventure of our life. The adventure is called Stockanalyzer and we love it!

Stockanalyzer is now almost ready to go live! We worked on our "baby" for about 1.5 years, invested countless hours, carried out tests and incorporated customer opinions.

Selected customers have already been able to test the Stockanalyzer platform and our services, and Stockanalyzer will soon be available to all interested parties. This marks a milestone for the financial ecosystem of the future. At the German Stock Exchange Day on October 10th, 2020 in Munich, visitors to the Stockanalyzer booth can find out more about the digital Stockanalyzer platform and its special advantages.

We are currently testing live data from various providers for you! At the beginning we will analyze the US stocks and offer you an early bird package.

It won't be long before Stockanalyzer goes live!


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#7 The portfolio

…originally intended for observing a hodgepodge of one's favorite stocks, unexpectedly continues to grow. As so often in the start-up scene, an original idea develops in a completely new direction in order to get off to a successful start. It was very similar with our portfolio.
We built an improved tracking list to be able to monitor the analyzed stocks over a longer period of time. The beta tests quickly revealed that many investors face a very big challenge if they want to keep track of all their investments in the stock market. Investments are often made with different brokers due to fees, recommendations or time constraints. Now, these brokers are mostly user-unfriendly and logically only show the shares bought on the respective depots and their performance.
With us you can enter all purchased shares as well as their number, price and purchase date. From this point on, the performance, the country and industry diversification are adjusted to the registered shares. Every new entry or exit has an impact on performance. If a share is sold, the performance is adjusted for the depreciation so that the actual profit of the current portfolio is always displayed.
A user-friendly solution that we were able to create thanks to suggestions from our valuable beta testers.
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#6 The comparison tool

A smorgasbord becomes a successful evaluation!

When I started reading books about stocks, the stock market and a wide variety of investment strategies, I by no means dreamed of a stock valuation and a start-up. I just wanted to learn something. Armed with a highlighter, I devoured book after book. But now I had to do something with what I had read and learned!

I started transferring the metrics and valuation guidelines from the books into an Excel spreadsheet. At first there were 10 key figures, later there were 20. Reading - Refining - Adjusting - Improving accompanied me for the next 2 years!

As soon as I turned 18, I tested my strategy with real money on stock markets around the world! Elaborate analyses, weekends passed, an A3 sheet of paper with 45 key figures over 10 years - finally done!

I invested in stocks for the next 2 years based on my rating, which I steadily improved. I was only able to finance Stockanalyzer because of the success I achieved with my evaluation!

The comparison tool became accessible and usable for everyone. An easy-to-understand but effective tool with colors (green, yellow, red), which enables every investor, from beginners to professionals, to make a well-founded, objective assessment of their favorite share! – try it out for free and register at: Stock analyzer registration


Stockanalyzer is the help I offer to everyone! It is our contribution to more knowledge in the financial sector!


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#5 beta testing phase

The beta test has started!

About 1 month ago we started a beta test campaign on Facebook.

We initiated the next step towards GoLive with the following words: Tedious data searches and lengthy evaluations in Excel are your daily companions when it comes to share decisions? Then it's really time to try an independent, time-saving tool that works according to the "Value Investing Standard". Clean dashboards, lean and informative stock analysis and comparison tools. And best of all, you no longer have to trust the skills of others and buy products over which you have no control.


350 testers got in touch within just 3 weeks. Much more than I expected! Thank you for this support! In numerous video calls, we were able to obtain high-quality feedback in order to further improve and to optimally tailor the site to the customer.


Everyone is invited to try Stockanalyzer for free! We appreciate your feedback! (until further notice)


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#2 The Story of Stockanalyzer - Part 1

How it all started!

At the age of 16, I asked my mother's bank advisor if there wasn't a more profitable investment than home savings. He referred me to mutual funds and stocks.

When I started dealing with stocks and company valuations, all the banks could only give me information about their own products. There was only the subjective opinion of different brokers. There was also no stock analysis tool that could give independence from the banks or investment advisors. That's why I started to develop my own software according to value investment criteria.

First steps

I asked myself how can I acquire knowledge and decided to devour books about Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. 2-3 years passed in which I did nothing else than transfer the know-how from the books to my brain and then put it down on paper. An Excel spreadsheet was slowly developed as a basis for evaluation.


When the Excel table became too tedious for me, I thought to myself: "There must be an easier way" and started looking for a programmer. At the same time, the idea arose to help other investors with my evaluation. How could I do that better than with a start-up that offers such a product? So in November 2017 I decided to found Stockanalyzer GmbH.

You can find out how it went on after the founding in the next a week...


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#1 This is us

Who is behind Stockanalyzer?

We're quite a busy duo. What unites us is our love of invention and entrepreneurial spirit. We are HTLers, graduates, visionaries, dreamers, authors, people looking for solutions!

Stocks we analyze!
Here we report on our tool and the innovations. A great stock valuation does not always have to cost thousands of euros. We also offer the average consumer a well-founded evaluation.

Knowledge at the plant!
With everything you can put in your depot, you need the right tool in addition to the right attitude.

What do you have to consider?
Here we report and open our review for you. That's what it's all about: Stockanalyzer is an analysis and comparison tool in which buying and selling decisions for securities are made primarily with the help of the so-called intrinsic value. Stockanalyzer's interpretation of analysis has been shaped primarily by the teachings and methods of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet. The investment approach is therefore associated with fundamental analysis. Our analysis method differs fundamentally from investment strategies that are based on technical analysis and momentum and thus usually only consider the past development of the market price.


You can find out how Stockanalyzer came about in the next post!


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